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Husky Dog | Adventure with Husky Dog | Dog Trainer | Dog Adventurer | 3 Dog Powered Go-Cart

Husky Dog | Adventure with Husky Dog | Dog Trainer | Dog Adventurer | 3 Dog Powered Go-Cart

It’s an ADV All Dog Vehicle, I call A Dog Powered Go-Cart. Basically any 3 or 4 wheel Vehicle you hook your dog(s) up to. Depending on the position, they can Run, Pull, or Push as they MUSH:) Check-out my customADVs and Dog Powered Go-Carts at

Dogs have been Bill “WooFDRiver” Helman’s family for the past twenty years. With the exception of a pint-sized Chinese Crested, all of his dogs have always been huskies.

The husky’s closest ancestor is the wolf, and Huskies have many wolf-like traits. It was his fascination for the wolf that lured him in. Bill learned quickly, however, that husky dogs are not, in fact, as domesticated as he had believed. They are very physical and challenging dogs, and their sense of independence and wild instincts reverberate all through their actions.

Bill has put countless hours into designing a life that will accommodate this wild wolf-like breed. He feels it is his job is to calm their insatiable appetite by finding ways to appeal to their instincts. He has developed his own dog training system and became an urban musher and dog adventurer to satisfy their need for exercise.

Bill’s dogs have inspired him to venture into the great outdoors. As a result, he’s also ventured into a life that has almost everything to do with dogs. He has many projects documenting all their adventures.

He uses equipment that is almost all modified, customized, or built especially for what he does. It’s all self-financed and was crafted with the collaboration of many capable friends and experts who are as passionate about dogs as Bill.

Over the years as a husky tamer, he has come to be called the WooFDriver. He is passionate about what he does, and he hopes others will get inspired to start their own dog adventuring lifestyle as well.

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